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This month I would like to introduce you to Soft Hearted Pillow Pet Urns. Created by Patricia Moore, herself a long time pet owner and someone who has loved and lost many pets, the pillow pet urn is a brilliant and innovative product which offers grieving pet owners another option to the traditional type urns for pet ashes and pet cremation urns.

When you lose a pet one of the hardest times, at least in my personal experience is the moment you have to walk away and leave them at the vets or at the crematorium. There is a part of you that wants to stay there forever and you wonder how long is long enough for you to stay, but at the same time you know that however long you stay, it will never be enough because the reality is you don't want to leave them there at all.

From the hundreds of email I've received through this site, one overwhelming factor people mention is their relief at receiving back their pet's ashes, the feeling that they have finally 'come home' and are 'close by'. For some people this is enough to make them feel that their pet is near. But for others leaving a pet behind and receiving their ashes in a traditional wooden or ceramic urn feels very alien.

Where once there was a living breathing warm friend that you could embrace and hug, now you have a wooden box or ceramic jar that sits on a shelf. For some this is fine and they are just happy to have their pet 'with them' in any sense, but for others they miss the warmth and ability to hug and feel close to their pet and it feels far too soon to have to cope with.

For me this product represents what is missing for pet owners, like myself who still feel the need to feel that closeness and to hold on to something in their grief. It's soft, it's huggable and it can hold your pet's ashes in a way that feels less cold and inanimate and untouchable than other urns can.

The thing that really stands out about this product though, is the fact that it has clearly been created by a person who has felt this need themselves and has come up with an idea to solve this problem. Years ago I had a similar thought when my Mother's dog died. She slept with her dog's collar under her pillow and so I bought her a personalised pillow with his initial on to keep the collar in more comfortably. At the time this brilliant product didn't exist and I worried about the practicalities of keeping pet ashes in a pillow, but Patricia has purpose built this product to do just that, even down to a matching memory pouch which fits inside your pillow pet urn and having your pet's name embroidered into the pillow case.

If this product had been around then, I'm sure my Mother would have loved it, and I can remember her pain at leaving her dog at the crematorium and coming away with an urn shaped like a picture frame. It did feel odd and cold, and though we knew he was in there, she could no longer hug him or hold on to him the way she personally needed to.
With that in mind I believe this product is also one of those brilliant pet sympathy gifts, since you only need to know your loved ones pet's name, which can then be embroidered on the pillow to make this a beautiful custom pet urn and personalized pet memorial.

Some people are worried about transferring their pet's ashes from the container provided by their crematorium, but your pet's ashes are usually contained in a bag which is then placed inside the container, so all that is needed is to remove the bag and place it into your new pillow pet urn. You can also ask a loved one to do this for you if you feel uncomfortable doing it yourself.

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