Real Life Rainbow Bridge Stories

'A Gift From Oscar's Spirit'

by Peter
(Wirral, UK)

I am a fifty year old man and live with my eighty one year old mother. On the 27th April 2012 our beloved and beautiful eleven year old Golden Labrador, Oscar, died. We had been taking him to the vets since late January with what we thought was just a sore or ulcer in his right nostril.

After several weeks of different treatments the vet finally confirmed it to be a malignant tumour and said that he was certain Oscar had no more than a few weeks to live. He said the decision was ours but advised that to spare him further suffering it would be best to put him to sleep.
We left without him.

I have been through pet loss several times throughout my life, but Oscar's death has left me shattered and grief stricken to a degree that surpasses anything I have ever previously known. We adored him and he adored us. All of our neighbours truly loved him. Even those who have never had pets. He was a true local character who exuded bon-homie to all.

I write this on the 5th May, eight days on, and am still reeling from it.

Yesterday, on Friday 4th May, amongst my post was a letter from National Savings informing me that I had won a £5,000 Premium Bond prize. I had never before won more than one of the very small prizes. I am not well off and I badly need the money.

I say this because I genuinely believe it - it was a gift of comfort from Oscar's spirit.

But the biggest comfort of all is not the money. It is confirmation that this happening, which I am certain is more than just an extraordinary coincidence, has provided that animals do have a soul.

I know I will see Oscar again one day.

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Real Life Rainbow Bridge Stories

'A Gift From Oscar's Spirit'

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So comforting
by: Gabrielle

Dear Peter, I hope you can keep Oscar's memory without the pain. I am going through a similar experience at the moment and there is no consolation. Your tribute gave me great hope.

I lost my faithful Alfie to cancer a few weeks ago and three years ago lost my dog Juno to the same disease and my cat Fudge.

This is a terrible disease, devastating for the guardian and distressing for the pets. I hope for some sign that my sweet Alfie is OK. Though I have lost several pets, the grief is always intense and my only consolation is that I am lucky to have experienced the love and companionship of such wonderful beings.

Re: Real Life Rainbow Bridge Stories
by: Anonymous

So sorry to hear of your loss - I have been through dog loss twice
and it gets no easier. But the pain does ease and you are left the treasured memories of your friend.

When you feel strong enough do consider getting another dog. There are thousands of rescue cases who need someone like you to care for them.

All The Best

Chris (London UK)

Oscar's legacy
by: Ed

You should take some of your winnings and donate them to a local dog shelter in Oscar's name ..

Helping other dogs survive would truly be a great legacy for Oscar.

God bless you my friend. Time does heal these wounds but it will never take away the memories of our dear companions.

Ed in Colorado

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