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Thank you for visiting the Pet Loss Matters site. I hope you have found the information here comforting and informative at this devastating time.

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Henry & Bruno

If you have found the site helpful please consider helping us to keep the site going in any of the following ways:

Share Your Experiences

The first way you can help the site is to share your experiences of pet loss here for other Visitors to read, learn from and ultimately gain comfort from the fact that they are not alone.

You can do this in many ways. Perhaps you would like to share your Pet Loss Story and write about your pet and experience of losing them, or perhaps you have a personal experience of Rainbow Bridge or an experience that has made you believe in an animal afterlife.

Perhaps you would like to write a Tribute for your pet to remain on this site as a memorial forever.

Perhaps you like the idea of sharing your everyday thoughts and feelings on the loss of your pet and would like to start a Pet Loss Diary.

Perhaps you've found writing your feelings in the form of a poem has helped you in your grief and would like to share Your Pet Loss Poems.

Doing any of these things will help this site enormously and help it to grow in to a wonderful library of experiences so that no pet owner ever has to feel that they are alone.

Support Other Visitors

By posting comments and messages on this site you can directly reach out to and communicate with and support other Visitors who are currently experiencing the grief of pet loss.

It is now possible for you to post messages of condolence and support on all of the Visitor created pages of this website, including the Your Pet Loss Stories, Your Rainbow Bridge Stories, Your Pet Tributes, Your Pet Loss Poems and Your Pet Loss Diaries pages.

To do this simply go to the page you wish to post a comment on, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the 'Click here to read or post comments' link at the bottom of the page.

Make a Donation

If you've found the site helpful and would like to do even more to help keep the site running, you may also like to consider supporting us financially by making a Donation.

All donations will go towards the running costs of the site and any extra will go towards new additions to the site, for example we are currently saving up for a Forum.

There is no minimum donation as every little helps, thank you for your continued support for the site.

Share This Site With Others

If you have friends or family who may also benefit from visiting this site, please consider sharing it with them. To learn more about the many ways you can share this site with others, please click here.

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