Your Pet Loss Diaries

Thank you for deciding to start a Pet Loss Diary at Pet Loss Matters.

To begin your diary please complete the form below. This information will form the opening page of your diary (Here's an example) so please try to complete the form as fully as possible, you will of course also be able to add to this page later on and include a photograph if you wish.

You may write your diary in any way you wish, some people write their diary just like a regular diary and others write as if writing directly to their pet, but this is entirely up to you as your pet and experiences are unique. Some people write only about their experiences on losing their pet, whilst others write about their pet's life as a whole, their adventures and fond memories. Many also include poems, songs or quotes that they find comforting, but please remember to quote the source if possible.

If you find it hard to know where to start, take a look at other Visitor's Diaries for some inspiration.

You may continue your diary for as long as you wish, I would simply ask that when you feel you no longer wish to continue that you write a final entry to finish off your diary for the benefit of other Visitors.

Please note I will ALWAYS contact you once you have submitted this form, so if you submit the form and do not receive a personal email from me within 48 hours, please check your spam folder for my email and/or contact me using the Contact Me form at the bottom of this page.

Once again, thank you for contributing to the site.

Your Pet Loss Diaries

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