Rainbow Bridge

The concept of a 'Rainbow Bridge' or animal afterlife for pet loss has been in existence for many years.

The idea that when our pet's leave us, they will cross a beautiful bridge made of rainbow, be restored to full health and vitality, and wait for us there until our time comes and we cross the Bridge ourselves, is one that brings great comfort to millions of pet owners around the world.

Rainbow Bridge Poem for Pet Loss

This idea of a bridge of rainbows, linking heaven and earth has been captured in a beautiful pet remembrance poem , a comforting pet memorial story and even a pet bereavement movie .

As pet owners dealing with pet loss, the idea of such a Bridge answers the questions we most want to ask.

Do cats go to heaven?

Do dogs go to heaven?

Do pets go to heaven?

Do animals go to heaven?

Will there be animals in heaven to greet us?

Whilst many people believe in at least the concept of this Bridge and an animal afterlife, many believe they have had experiences which prove our pet's stay with us after their death.

Many people say that after the loss of a pet, they can still feel their pet's presence around them or hear their footsteps walking familiar patterns in the house.

Others believe they can feel the weight of their pet on their beds, or even on their laps. They hear their pet's familiar bark or meow or even see them in familiar places.

I've met many people who firmly believe that their pet's are still with them in spirit, and come to say a final goodbye or even perhaps regularly visit, and send them signs to comfort them in their time of loss.

Has this happened to you?

Have you suffered the loss of a pet and then felt or seen their presence around you?

Have you seen 'signs' that your pet is still watching over you that have helped you to cope with your pet loss grief?

Have you experienced amazing coincidences that reassure you that there is an animal afterlife and that your pet lives on somewhere else?

Would you like to share your experiences to comfort and reassure others who are grieving the loss of a pet?

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