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I have added this search facility to the site to enable you to quickly find both informational pages and also Visitor Stories, Tributes, Diaries and Poetry which relate more closely to your own experiences of pet loss.

Find what you need quickly and easily by entering the topic you're looking for into the searchbox below and clicking 'Search'.

For example you may wish to find Visitor Stories, Tributes and Diaries about a particular breed of dog, so you could enter that breed name in the search box above.

(ex. 'retriever', 'chihuahua', 'cocker', 'bulldog', etc)

If your loss of a pet was due to a particular illness you may wish to search for other Visitors Stories who have lost their pets from the same or similar illnesses, so you could enter terms relating to that illness in the search box above.

(ex. 'cancer', 'heart attack', 'tumour', 'tumor', 'liver', 'kidney', etc)

If you would like to read more about the stages of grief you could enter these stages to find more information and Visitor Stories relating to these stages.

(ex. 'denial', 'guilt', 'anger', 'bargaining', 'depression', 'acceptance', etc)

As well as adding the above search facility I am also currently creating new pages for the site which will provide links to Visitor submissions according to the type of loss experienced, and I will add links to these pages here shortly.

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