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The Rainbow Bridge Pet Sympathy poem is nowadays probably one of the most well known pet memorial poems.

It's a beautiful poem that gives great comfort and hope to anyone suffering from grief after the loss of a pet, or even those suffering from anticipatory grief at the prospect of facing the loss of a pet in the near future.

The Rainbow Bridge Poem has always been one of my favourites and as well as featuring the poem on the site, I also wanted to create a video for anyone who is suffering the loss of a pet to watch and gain comfort from, where they could actually listen to and hear the inspiring and powerful words.

So with the help of Jack from Petphotofun (thanks Jack; )) I found some photos of my pets, both past and present and created the Rainbow Bridge Poem videos below.

This first Rainbow Bridge Pet Sympathy Poem video has my Mother's dog Charlie reading the poem:

This next video is from a photo of my cats Baby and Monkey, who both sadly died very very young, both at around 4 years old. It's still quite hard to believe they are gone sometimes and are now at Rainbow Bridge. I haven't gotten around to adding their stories to the site yet, but I will do soon.

This next video is from a photo of my Chihuahua Boo, who I have to say is much much bigger nowadays. The photo was taken when he was just 7 weeks old and was actually the photo I saw of him that made me fall instantly in love ; )

This last video is from a photo taken just 6 years ago of my Mother's dog Bruno, and my cats Baby and Monkey. Sadly all three of them have been at Rainbow Bridge for many years now so this photo is particularly poignant for me.

The Rainbow Bridge Pet Sympathy poem is just such a beautiful pet memorial poem that I wanted to share it in as many forms as possible, so I hope you enjoy these videos.

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