Real Life Rainbow Bridge Stories

'A Velvet Paw of Comfort'

by Grace Roberts
(Norwich, UK)



My beloved cat Oscar died of kidney failure last Friday, 25/5/2012. All day Thursday he was getting progressively worse and at 11:30 that night I took him to the emergency vet. She diagnosed kidney failure and didn't give me much hope. It was either euthanise him there and then or have him re hydrated by IV and try our best for him.

So I chose to try the IV method hoping for the best but really preparing for the worst. I got home about 12:15 am and went to bed about four o'clock too fearful to sleep but so exhausted from anticipatory grief.

At about six o clock, I woke up but still in a dreamy state and with my eyes closed. I saw Oscar and he stretched a paw out towards me as he used to do to touch my face. I sat bolt upright and called his name. I guessed it was my baby boy come to say goodbye and all was well now with him.

At 9:01 the vet called to tell me Oscar had died. Was it the time I 'saw' him? I truly think it was and he was letting me know.

I loved my Oscar so much and miss him dreadfully. But I know I will see him again and he will always live in my heart.

Night night baby boy. Mummy loves and misses you. Xx

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