Real Life Rainbow Bridge Stories

'Are Wee Girl'

by Craig
(Northern Ireland)

Me and my mums dog Susie passed away yesterday (20/8/10) at the age of 14 and it has left us heart broken. During her life she loved chocolate sweets so I came up with the idea to leave one chocolate sweet broke in two pieces on her bed in the kitchen and we asked her to leave us a sign to let us know that she is happy and safe by moving one of the pieces of the chocolate sweet.

When I got up this morning and went down to the kitchen I looked at the sweet but it wasn't moved and I told my mum and we both said it's probably too soon for a sign. I went in to the kitchen roughly about 6 times after that and at the last time (40 minutes ago) one of the pieces of the sweet was moved.

Both me and my mum hope this is a sign from Susie, there was no other way the sweet could've been moved. We both have put the sweet back on to her bed to see if she will give us another sign to be sure it was her.

R.I.P Susie.

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