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'Bogus Khan'

Your story touched my heart. So I'm going to take this time to share a true story of the sign I was given at a time when I was still grieving so hard.

7 years ago, October 5th, 4:30 am, 2003, my beloved Bogus Khan left this world and crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge. I will always remember the exact time, day, and date of his passing because he left this world at home, on my bed, in my arms. I had him for 12+ years, and sitting vigil with him that night tore my heart in two. When he left, he took half of my heart with him. I cried out to the universe that if Rainbow Bridge was real, that if there even was a God, then to please give me a sign. One month later, I had my answer. This is my story.

I was riding my bike back from downtown, and rolled into the driveway of our house. For some reason I was compelled to look up at the sunset, which was an unusually brilliant sunset of pink and orange. As my eyes panned across the sky, I saw a sight that made my heart stop for a fraction of a second. I thought I was surely seeing things, so I closed my eyes and counted slowly to 3, then opened them again. It was still there. Off to the left, from the base of the horizan, extending up into the clouds, was a cloud formation in the perfect, distinct shape of a rainbow in a lovely arc and disappearing into the clouds. It was perfectly clear and distinct. There is no way I could possibly mistake it for anything else. In that moment of time, I realized that I finally had my answer, and knew without a doubt that Rainbow Bridge is a real place and that my beloved Khan was there. Never before that day, and never again since that day have I ever seen a cloud formation in the shape of a rainbow.....

Click here to go to where you can listen to the song that has immortalized my beloved Khan for ever. I wrote Khan's poem 2 days after his passing not knowing that 6 years later I would turn it over to a most talented and sensitive musician who would write the perfect music score, and with the perfect voice turn it into the perfect song.

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