Real Life Rainbow Bridge Stories

'Forget Me Never'

by Diane Turner
(Northern Michigan)

I'm always interested in others' experiences with signs that their lost pet is still in their presence. 40 years ago I shared an exceptional and rare love with a white Cockapoo named 'Whiskey'. We were so attached to each other as to make separation almost unbearable for both of us. No need to describe Whiskey's attributes as you all know the wonderful qualities of a dog that put humans to shame.

Whiskey lived for 13 years and died of heart failure in 1980. Our lifelong understanding of each other became particularly profound while Whiskey's health deteriorated; our communication exceeded words. I would carry him through our beloved forest trails and his nose would wiggle in delight. Toward the end I talked to him about his leaving. I made him a special promise that, no matter how old I become, I'll never forget him.

I buried Whiskey in a beautiful place in the yard and his casket held a few momentos, including his bright red collar. My promise to Whiskey remained very easy for years and years---I kept his grave fresh and flowered and I saw his visage in fluffy white clouds. As life went on, I owned and lost beloved dogs and more graves were added to Whiskey's place. And a noticeable dimming of my memories of Whiskey began to evolve.

Around this time, I discovered an unusual weed growing directly on top of Whiskey's grave which existed no where else in my yard. This weed had lovely long leaves and---bright red berries! The weed remains green through winter and the berries keep their bright red. I had a feeling about this weed being a message of sorts, a reminder, of my promise.

Then, last June, (2010), I was at Whiskey's grave and there, right on top, in perfect symmetry, was a huge clump of thick green moss---IN THE PERFECT SHAPE OF A HEART. This sight rendered me so emotionally flooded; I was overcome by tears, memories, and shame that I could ever break that sacred promise I made so many years ago.

This certain sign from Whiskey has renewed my devoted promise. I know now that he made the same promise. He'll be with me always.

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Real Life Rainbow Bridge Stories

'Forget Me Never'

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I believe our pets never really leave us
by: Diane

I do believe our beloved pets let us know in many ways that they are watching over us. I sometimes see my other little shih-tzu staring up at the walls, and will just stare and stare, I believe she is seeing Odie, I had Odie for 16 years, and lost him in November, he had been with Pasha, my other baby, for 12 of those years, as she is 12 now, when Odie died, she was really sad, but since she stares at this certain area in the bedroom, she don't seem to be as sad.

My husband says I am losing it, but sometimes, I see him still as a brief shadow, and when I look up at the stars, there is this really bright star, and I believe he is with God and all other animals who have crossed over to the bridge, so yes, I believe their presece is always with us.



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