Real Life Rainbow Bridge Stories

'Gone But Not Forgotten'

by Amy
(Charleston, South Carolina)

I had to put my beloved "Puppy" to rest 4 days ago (January 25, 2013). Puppy was 16 years of age but acted so much younger. He had to have emergency surgery last July for a life-threatening illness. This all transpired while I was out of town for work, but he made it through the surgery and although his recovery was slow and painful he slowly returned to himself. I like to think he held on for me so that in the actual end I could be with him.

The day I had to put him to rest he had gotten extremely sick and even passed out. Puppy had that look in his eye that I had never seen before, as if to tell me it was okay and he was ready. I bawled for hours after coming home from the ER vet but was thankful that I was with him in his final moments and held him until the very end. He passed at 03:30 in the morning at the ER vet office.

After I finally returned him (which was hard for me) I sat holding a picture of him and asking for some guidance from God. I was heartbroken and couldn't even imagine functioning. It was at this time that I heard Puppy's bark. I sat back for a moment to see if I was imagining this but it was clear it was him and the bark was coming from inside me (if that makes sense). It was not a dog outside but more a quiet, bark from inside me as if to assure me he was okay and having the time of his life at the Rainbow Bridge. This brought me a smile to my face.

In addition, since his passing I have jolted awake every night at exactly 03:30 in the morning (the time he passed). I am not sure what this means, but it brings me comfort as if he okay.

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