Real Life Rainbow Bridge Stories

'Hannah Fun'

by Lisa
(Ridgefield, NJ)

Our cat, Hannah, passed away about 3 weeks ago at the age of 15. I had a very close, deep relationship with Hannah. Prior to her passing, I talked to her a lot and told her that we will see her again for the next journey of our lives. I had also said to her, please just let me know you're okay and you got to the bridge. I also told her, when it was our time to go, I want her to wait for us.

The next day after her passing, my husband, daughter, her friend and I took a ride and we were stopped at a red light. I happened to look up and out the window to my right was a Chinese Restaurant I had never seen before called "Hannah Fun". The name of the restaurant was on 3 big signs. Of all the times to see that sign, the day after Hannah passed.

To me, that was a big sign from Hannah letting us know she's okay and having fun at the Rainbow Bridge. That sign (or the 3 signs) said it all - Hannah's having fun, she's healthy and young again!

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Real Life Rainbow Bridge Stories

'Hannah Fun'

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A Sign from Hannah
by: DaxiesMom

Hi Lisa,
I am so sorry for your loss of your dear girl cat, Hannah. I can relate to the feeling of loss of saying "so long for now" to our furry friends. Just over four years ago I had to say goodbye to my bestest furry friend, such a devastating loss for me. I would think I heard his little bell, or catch a glimpse from the corner of my eye. I told my son and I asked God I needed to see my Daxie Baby Honey Kitty Cat one more time, please!

Three months later I had a dream. We were living in a mobile home, the sun was shining brightly. For some odd reason the carpet inside was just like the grass outside. Daxie and another cat were sitting on the front porch waiting to come in. The other cat wanted in first~but~I said gently "no", Daxie is first.

In relating this dream to a friend, she said you know what this means to me, it means that Daxie will always come first in your heart over any other cat.

Now Hannah and Daxie are romping together at Rainbow Bridge and one sweet day we will see
them again. I am so happy they are whole, happy and healthy and romping in the grass at Rainbow Bridge.

Thinking of you in your sorrow,

Daxies Mom

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