Real Life Rainbow Bridge Stories

'Jake and Charlie'

by Irene D
(Bobcaygeon, Ontario, Ca)

Jake was our little Shih/Pek and Charlie our Beagle. We got the 2 of them from different shelters - Jake was already 3 years when his former person decided they didn't want him but I certainly did. Jake jumped into my arms and home we went. My cousin decided she wanted a dog of her own so we went to the shelter and there was Charlie. It was funny, Jake became more her baby and Charlie mine. They went for walks together and Charlie used to love to take Jake's leash and walk him.

2 months ago we had to have both of them put to sleep or as I like to think they got their graduation degrees and went to heaven to be with the rest of our human family and animal babies.

Well Jake was older and went blind, deaf and his teeth were gone, so it was time for him to graduate to heaven. Charle was only 11 but had numerous health problems - heart murmur, hind end problems, anyway the vet said he was in pain so off to heaven they both went - together.

So for a few weeks I was like Niagara Falls - I couldn't stop and a few days after I was crying as usual but finally went to sleep. When I woke up I was calmer than I had been for ages and the reason I believe is because I had dreamed of both Jake and Charlie and felt Charlie's paw in my hand - that little rough paw and I could feel Jake's little tongue lick my other hand.

Right then I knew they were together - happy, healed and well no pain or age to bother them and I know they were with my family members parents, other pet babies cats and dogs.

I miss them teribly and can't help but cry when I think of them because I miss them so very much. And have to wait till I pass on to be reunited with them all. But knowing in my heart and brain that they're healthy and well and can play, swim, bark, bray, get hugs and kisses from the rest of the family makes me feel better. And they can all now play in the snow, run through fields, jump in snow banks, go for car and boat rides with my parent and other pets.

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