Real Life Rainbow Bridge Stories

'Messages From Rainbow Bridge'

by Jo Roberts

Hi there too agree with pet heaven, Rainbow Bridge and that with true love a beloved pet will look out for you in numerous ways. I had a beautiful Lab/Dalmation cross called Patch who was severely attacked as a pup by a viscious dog, he was my bud, but I couldn't save him however hard I prayed and vet's fought to just save him.

I was beyond distraught, my Mum in law gave me a framed photo of Patch to take into hospital with me as I had a major op. I was not alone Patch was with me he told me he was OK and I had to get better for my other furbabies. I LATER found out I'd died on operating table and they got me back, well I think Patch sent me back.

The next day by my pillow in intensive care there was a pure white feather and a dirty print. Patches paw! I treasure my memories of Patch and will be with me forever.

My second experience with pet loss was my cat Sophie, she went missing I left messages at vets, paper, shop and knocked and searched door to door, no one saw her. Again distraught I had to keep searching. I got back from a visit to a good friend this Christmas and on arrival home my usual car parking space was taken so I parked where I could see the car from my home. As I got out I saw a cat approach me, was I seeing things?

My Husband came to me and we both agreed it was Sophie. I went to pick her up but I couldn't get to her, but she kept looking at me wanting me to follow her. I did but she went to a fence to a house where she had had in the past a litter of kittens. I couldn't get to her. I had to give up as no one was in and I didn't want to go on another persons property at night.

I reluctantly went home. I've not seen her again but believe she is ok wherever she is. Christmas morning I felt warmth on my body where Sophie's used to lay and on the floor was her favourite ball. How did that get there? I don't know but I believe I will see her again!

Jo x

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