Real Life Rainbow Bridge Stories

'Molly, Our Best Friend'

Our beautiful dog, Molly, was 10 and a half when she died. Earlier this year we almost lost Molly, as she suffered a 'twisted stomach'. The Vet performed emergency surgery which saved her life, and for another 5 weeks, we shared special times with Molly.

On 23rd of February this year, she became ill very quickly, could hardly walk, and the Vet diagnosed her with tumors that had developed rapidly. We received the call at 4pm on 25th February, the Vet telling us "it was time". We were inconsolable, devastated, heartbroken. We had to put Molly to sleep at 5pm. We (my Husband and 3 kids) spent much of the following days sobbing randomly and controllably. It felt as if our hearts had been torn out.

I believe Molly sent us a 'sign' that she was watching over us. At 3.55pm exactly one week after she left us, there was a knock at the door. A young girl, I didn't know her, said she was from Guide Dogs Queensland, and was wondering if we'd like to make a donation. We had never had them drop in to our house ever in the past. On the receipt it said "Paw Knock Appeal". I honestly think, considering the timing and all, this was a sign from our beloved Molly.

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