Real Life Rainbow Bridge Stories

'My Angel Boy Stopped by to Say Hello...'

by Pattie F.
(New Smyrna Beach, FL)

The 16th, last Thursday (June) was 2 months since I lost my 2 year old yellow bundle of love... Jasper. My big handsome boy. I was very sad that day, a lot of days in fact as I miss his beautiful spirit and antics.

I was sitting at the computer just emailing a friend on the 16th about how hard it still was without my boy boy. His sister Bella was sound asleep in the closet on a shelf. The house was quiet. Out of no where, one of my favorite pictures of my sister and her 3 girls fell off my end table.

Now, this picture was not on the edge of the table and rest next to a lamp in a sturdy new frame. I stood up as I wasn't able to figure out what fell to the floor... I walked around and there it was, behind the end table and the wall. I bent over and immediately started to bawl and laugh at the same time.

See, this was Jasper's M.O. Everything I owned while I had his precious butt, was taped down as he loved to knock things off of everything. Seriously... nothing was sacred. He loved to push them off with his big orange toes or his pink nose.

I KNOW he was telling me he is OK and not to feel sad but remember his silly ways.

It's the first sign I've had from him since he left earth and I believe in Angels. So... I wanted to share this. Because it reminded me I have a lovely guardian Angel and that he still loved me enough as his mommy to give me that special sign.

May all on this site be blessed with peace.

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Real Life Rainbow Bridge Stories

'My Angel Boy Stopped by to Say Hello...'

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Your angel boy
by: jean

Hello my name is Jean from England,
I have just read your story which made me cry both for your little angel and mine too.
I have a few little pet rats that have passed on recently, for all I have no favourites I dearly miss my little hooded boy Rolo, I miss him so much and would dearly love him to come and let me know he is alright and at peace and is with my other beautiful pets in a green land with sunshine and good health.
He died in my arms and I still have his little red fleece blanket and this pain won't go away, your tribute to your lovely pet was touching my heart thank you. Jean

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