Real Life Rainbow Bridge Stories

'My Best Friend Gypsie'

by Paula

Gypsie was my best friend. She was there for me during times when I felt no person was. She was always a very happy, energetic dog, and never acted her age. She loved to play and go for walks. She never let me play hide-&-seek with my Son, because she wouldn't let me out of her sight - she was always standing there pointing out where I was hiding!!

Gypsie had a wonderful personality & loved everyone in my large family. I could always tell when someone she cared about was pulling in the drive, because she would start prancing & whining excitedly. Sometimes she would even curl her lips back to reveal a gorgeous, and hilarious, smile.

Gypsie fell ill very suddenly. She seemed fine on Sunday evening, February 22, but the next morning couldn't even get out of her bed. She was diagnosed with an immune disease which destroyed her red blood cells. For a week she slowly but surely seemed to be responding to her treatment. On Sunday, March 8th she seemed not to have a lot of energy, but was still doing well - she was even begging for scraps which she hadn't done in a while.

By that evening Gypsie was struggling to breath & couldn't walk. We rushed her & our other dog, Desi, to the vet to do a blood transfusion. The vet struggled to get the blood from Desi, and then noticed it was clotting & he couldn't use it. We started home with both dogs, with the promise of finding blood the next day for a transfusion. Gypsie passed away on the drive home. It was the worst day of my life to date.

The next day after Gypsie's death I asked her for a sign to show me she was okay & happy. I was, and still am, missing her terribly. I asked her to send an eagle to fly above me on my way home from work. I asked that it be directly overhead, and not far away so I wouldn't have to guess if it was the sign.

The next day I drove to work, no eagle. I drove to a meeting & back, no eagle. I drove to the vet on my way home to meet my Father with Gypsie's body, no eagle. I left the vet's office, always scanning the skies. Overhead was a large bird. It flew closer & closer until I could see it was an eagle. It flew over my Father's truck, which was in front of mine, and then directly over me.

When we got home my Father, who didn't know that I had been looking for a sign, went on and on about how close the eagle flew to our vehicles! I knew it that Gypsie sent it for me, and I know she's okay and happy, but I just miss her so much.

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