Real Life Rainbow Bridge Stories

'My Cookie'

by Ariana
(Kansas City)

I miss you Cookie <3

I miss you Cookie <3

So my cat went missing for 3 weeks but usually she would go missing and come back so I was thinking oh she is going to come back I know it. Then on December 17th 2011 my grandpa finally told me that my Cookie darling died and got ran over by a car. He wasn't going to tell me because he thought I couldn't handle it, apparently I couldn't.

I cried my self to sleep every night I still do. When I was looking for Rainbow Bridge stories I found out in every story or almost every story they ask God or their pet for a sign so on December 19th 2011, I asked my baby girl Cookie "If you're on Rainbow Bridge and ok please show me a colored bird when I'm walking to the bus stop or walking home." (There aren't birds by my house because of the cold).

So I got up the next day ready to go outside then I look out the window and I saw a red and gray bird walking towards the window. I smiled and wanted to burst out crying because she picked the best bird to prove it. I wanted more proof but she hasn't gave me anything yet and I don't know what more proof I want but I hope she gives me more. I miss her so much. I can't wait to reunite with her on Rainbow Bridge :]

Cookie <3

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