Real Life Rainbow Bridge Stories

'My Little Girl Candi'

by Cam
(Fargo ND USA)

She passed away just not too long ago, 6-12-13. It was very hard for me to put her down. I had her for 21 years, going on 22 years. I know I feel her presence are here with me.

The first night I was in bed without Candi, I was just lying there and all a sudden I heard a big thump on the bed, like Candi was jumping on the bed. One other night I was laying in bed with my eyes closed and I saw I know she jumped (leaped) over me in bed.

The following night I was sitting up in bed and I saw her walking across on top of my Hope Chest. One evening I was sitting at my computer and I felt Candi's paw on my hip, not once but twice. Again just the other night I was in bed turning my radio off and I felt like some kneading on the bed. And just tonight (this morning) I felt her little paw on my foot.

RIP My little Angel!
I will always Love You!
You will always be in my Heart!

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