Real Life Rainbow Bridge Stories

'My Son Hendrix'

by Joe Vieira
(North Carolina)

My dog passed on January 2nd 2008. The afternoon when he passed on the operating table of cancer, was the most heart breaking time of my life, still is, that day I lost my Son.

As I write this I am crying even after 6 years. That afternoon, I cried all day, not knowing where he was, it was the first time without him in 11 years and for some reason I kept looking for him, later I was told I was in some sort of shock. That evening, I went upstairs to the bedroom by myself and laid down on his blanket, wanting to smell him, be close anyway I could to him.

The following are true events as they happened. As I laid down on his blanket, the room lit up in a soft light, there were, as best as I can describe it, small balls of light rotating in the room, they were everywhere, at the same time, I felt this amazing warmth, it was an amazing peace inside me, I knew it was Hendrix, I cannot put into words how happy I felt, if you saw me that day and could feel my heart you would know that there was no possible way for me to feel this way.

The feeling of peace with the lights was something I will never forget, I ran downstairs and told my wife what was happening, she did not believe me, I ran up the stairs to see if it was still happening and it was, I stayed there by myself, it lasted for 10 minutes I believe, then it was gone, it never happened again and sadly I have never felt that inner peace again.

If you're asking yourself what it was I experienced, in my heart it was Hendrix saying goodbye, I believe that, as sad as I am today writing this story, that night was wonderful, it was happiness and bliss, it was a peace that I never felt before or since. So, those of you who want to believe in Rainbow Ridge or want to believe in it, I say, believe it. I hope this helps someone out there who is grieving, I hope this lets people have hope that we see them again, I just hope it helps, it did for me because I was there. I dedicate this to my Son Hendrix.

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Real Life Rainbow Bridge Stories

'My Son Hendrix'

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by: jean

Thank you for your wonderful story, it has given me hope that my babies are safe and waiting for me at the Bridge. I am sitting here with tears in my eyes for your sweet Hendrix, now I know they are all well again, thank you,

Love, Jean x

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