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'My Special Loving Dog, Morgan 17 1/2'

I had a stuffed animal pet when I was a child. It was pink with a black nose. I am 52 and 17 1/2 years ago I adopted my Morgan Taylor from the SPCA. She was 3 months old.

I walked down the aisle and looked at several beautiful dogs. I particularly noticed a dog with long legs and paws sticking out of the cage.

I knew immediately that I had to have this dog. I looked at the tag and her name was Morgan. She was promised to me by God.

I tried to adopt her, but the shelter had 7 other applicants. I went back every day on my lunch break from work to beg for her. They finally let me keep her. During the 17 years with Morgan I always told her the story of her adoption and she always smiled. Yes She smiled.

She has only been gone 3 days and I miss this joy of my life sooooo very much. I read the bible every day and I have prayed that I have some kind of a sign that my angel is in heaven.

Today I had my cell phone on the front seat of my car. A photo of Morgan is on my cell. I stopped to talk to a neighbor that has a beautiful shep. I continued on my journey home and looked at the seat of my car (the passenger side). I saw a small but very bright colorful rainbow on the seat from where I just removed my cell phone with Morgan's picture. I found such comfort in this.

Several hours later I checked the car again. The Sun had moved, but, I looked at the passenger seat and I saw a shadow of a dog, the ears standing up, a bright spot for the smile and the dog was laying down as I could determine from the shadow.

Morgan always loved to ride in the front seat. I can only believe it to be my best friend. PS - Just to prove that I'm not crazy, I had my Sisters witness both. Yes, I believe dogs go to heaven. I hope that this story (true story) will give you comfort. Please be well.

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Real Life Rainbow Bridge Stories

'My Special Loving Dog, Morgan 17 1/2'

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by: Anonymous

Thanks for sharing your story. It's truly comforting. I lost my loving baby about 13 days back... tears doesn't seems to know when to stop. Hope to see my angel in heaven.

Pet Loss
by: jo roberts

Hi there too agree with pet heaven, Rainbow Bridge and that with true love a beloved pet will look out for you in numerous ways. I had a beautiful lab/dalmation cross called Patch who was severely attacked as a pup by a viscious dog, he was my bud, but I couldn't save him however hard I prayed and vet's fought to just save him.

I was beyond distraught, my Mum in law gave me a framed photo of Patch to take into hospital with me as I had a major op. I WAS NOT ALONE PATCH WAS WITH ME HE TOLD ME HE WAS OK AND I HAD TO GET BETTER FOR MY OTHER FURBABIES. I LATER found out I'd died on operating table and they got me back, well I think Patch sent me back.

The next day by my pillow in intensive care there was a pure white feather and a dirty print. Patches paw! I treasure my memories of Patch and will be with me forever.

My second experience with pet loss was my cat Sophie, she went missing I left messages at vets, paper, shop and knocked and searched door to door, no one saw her. Again distraught I had to keep searching. I got back from a visit to a good friend this Christmas and on arrival home my usual car parking space was taken so I parked where I could see the car from my home. As I got out I saw a cat approach me, was I seeing things?

My Husband came to me and we both agreed it was Sophie. I went to pick her up but I couldn't get to her, but she kept looking at me wanting me to follow her. I did but she went to a fence to a house where she had had in the past a litter of kittens. I couldn't get to her. I had to give up as no one was in and I didn't want to go on another persons property at night.

I reluctantly went home. I've not seen her again but believe she is ok wherever she is. Christmas morning I felt warmth on my body where Sophie's used to lay and on the floor was her favourite ball. How did that get there? I don't know but I believe I will see her again!

Jo x

Morgan - Loving Angel
by: Margaret, Nova Scotia, Canada

What an incredible story. Morgan sounded like an amazing dog. Yes, I believe our beloved pets come to us in spirt. A few days after my precious Spike's - yellow lab of 10 yrs - passing 2 wks ago, I heard a sratch at the front door; it was after midnight (used to be Spike's way of telling me he wanted to go outside and go pee). I almost sprung out of bed (like I've used to), but disheartedly laid back down. My last 2 dreams, Spike has come to me spiritually. It was so good to see him. I miss him a lot.

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