Real Life Rainbow Bridge Stories

'Saying Goodbye'

by Alexis
(Hagerstown, Maryland)

My baby boy Mario my beloved guinea pig was a rescue. When I first got him he was scared and confused but soon enough he warmed up to me having a little place in his heart for me. He came with his best friend Chan Chan who sadly died of diabetes.

He would protect him from anything I still remember that day he proved to be a warrior. We were outside they were happy eating the grass then a huge bird comes swooping down. Chan Chan bolts under a nearby car and Mario stays, he stood up on his hind legs jumping and then it flew away. I ran to pick up Chan and bring him backMmario licked him as saying it's ok now.

After Chan died Mario was depressed but we got a replacement Chan. Chesnut who we still have now they were best friends, like brothers. But pets do get old being 8 years old he lost his voice and had trouble walking and when we one day left to a party I gently patted his head and he started acting strange he ran around and jumped.

When... we came back he was gone... I cried and I didn't eat or drink that morning as I saw him die I looked out the window and saw a rainbow and knew he was beyond the clouds at Rainbow Bridge with Chan Chan happy and content. But he's still missing me, but soon I will be with him and Chan again to walk across the bridge together...

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