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My precious cat, Shadow, was a part of my life for more than 14 years. She was a constant presence in my life and always sat next to me when I was knitting or cross-stitching, sat on my lap when I was reading and on my back or between my legs when I was sleeping.

She knew exactly what to do when I was down and if not for her my depression would have gotten a lot worse. She was medicine for my soul.

The hardest thing I ever had to do was put her to sleep because of cancer, the doctors said that an operation might only give her a couple of extra months and it would be best to put her to sleep to save her from the ordeal of surgery that would not really help her. I was there holding her when she looked at me the last time and I cried and couldn't leave her, they took her away after about an hour.

I cried for weeks and my depression got way worse. When I wasn't crying I just stayed in bed and didn't want to do anything. After about 5 months of this family thought that if I got another cat it would help me; like replacing her would make me better. I got very angry and told them that I did not want another pet because when you have to put them to sleep it hurts to much. They tried numerous times to get me to go and rescue a cat but I would have none of it.

Then one night I had a dream and Shadow came to me. It was so good to see her that I cried in my sleep, that was something I did so my husband didn't think anything of it, just held me. Shadoe told me that there was a kitten out there that needed me. She was grey and her name was Kera and we needed each other right now.

I woke up with a different attitude. The first thing I told my husband was that okay, I'm ready to get a new pet. He asked why the change of heart and I didn't want to tell him about my dream so I just said that it's time.

We went looking and I didn't see any grey kittens so I thought maybe it wasn't going to be. We knew some people that had kittens that they were desperately trying to get homes for so I thought I'd go and check them out. When I got there there were some little black and white ones and the lady went downstairs to bring them up. Out of the blue the guy says "Oh wait, there is one little one upstairs that needs a home, I'll go and get it".

The lady brought up about five little black and white one and I was kneeling down to play with them and the man came down the stairs. My heart skipped a beat when I say this grey kitten in his arms! My arms went out to hold her and she jumped in my arms and starting purring and playing with my hair. I asked what her name was and they said they didn't name her, that was my job if I wanted her. Can you imagine? I took her home and my life was so much more "normal" ever since.

I totally believe in The Rainbow Bridge and know that when I do go there will be Shadow and my other pets that I have had to put to sleep waiting for me to finally come and play and give hugs and kisses! True Story!

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