Real Life Rainbow Bridge Stories

'Sinsae.. My Best Fuzzy Friend'

by Kari Powell
(Eugene, Ore U.S.A)

Sinsae was a 2 yr old red mahoghony Chow Chow. Too smart for his own good! Once in a while, he would take off down the street to visit a boarding kennel.

He did this vary rarely because he knew better... he also knew he could out run us.. my husband and I. He did this at dusk one evening and we went looking. We found him a couple miles away on a fastly driven road. I instantly lost it and Rodney wouldn't let me get out of the car. Even at home he still wouldn't let me see him. It hurts as much now as it did then.

One night I had a dream and in it was Sinsae, laying in green grass with his red mane blowing in the breeze. I called him twice and he wouldn't come.. then he did. His right leg was broken, other than that he appeared fine, I woke. I told Rodney about the dream, and he asked me what leg was broken, I said his right front, why. When my husband picked up Sinsae that night his right leg was broke!

This tells me without a doubt our pets are around us and we will see them again! That is a dream and he was a dog I will Never Forget!! Sincerely Kari Powell

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