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'Ariella & Scooby Doo'

May 14, 2013

by Ariella
(Louisiana )

All I keep thinking about is what could I have done different.. I should have bought you a harness... I should have been here so I could have protected you.. I should have let you out before I left.. I should have never left..

If I had a second chance I would have never left you... I should have been there... I don't know what to do without you... I feel so lost and alone. I keep waking up hoping it was all a nightmare and you're right there waiting for me to bring you potty..

But it's not it is a nightmare but it's a nightmare I'm living... I can't stop crying you're my baby and you're gone. I am your Mommy and I didn't protect you and I'm so sorry.... I wish I could change it all. I wish it was me that got hit and not you at least I would know I had your smiling face by me... I just want you back. I just want one last chance to hug you and kiss you...

I'm so sorry Scooby... I feel so lost without you. My other half is gone... My heart hurts... it needs you back...... I never thought I would lose you. I could never bring myself to think something could happen to you .... when I got the call my heart stopped... I couldn't believe it.... I thought it had to be a mistake... But it wasn't.... It was you... My baby my best friend my heart.....

I don't know what to do without you, everywhere I look I think of you.. I can't sleep because you're not in the bed... this just doesn't seem real..... I wish it wasn't.... I love you so much Scooby... You are my baby and always will be...


Mommy ...

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