Your Pet Loss Diaries

'Barbara & Pebbles'

Dec 21, 2010

by Barbara Davis
(St Cloud, Fl)



Hi Pebbs

Mommy misses you terribly. It's been 1 1/2 weeks without you now, your pics are all over the xmas tree. I'm lost without you sweetheart.. the tears pour constantly.. I wish the hurt would go away I try to think of all the happiness you put in my life but the tears still come..I don't even want to go outside cos you're not out there wanting to play tug a war or frisbie.

Your handicap never bothered me.. God I miss you baby girl, it hurts so bad.. Why were you taken from me I'll never understand.. I sleep with your blanket but I miss making my bed on the floor and sleeping with you.. I could tell you all my problems and it seemed like you comforted me .. What am I gonna do without you in my lfe?

I'm going to put a pic of you on here cos you were so beautiful.. Pebbles help Mommy get out of this depression cos I can't get off the couch.. Some people understand my sadness as to some tell me to get over it and move on.. Those people don't have a heart ..You were like a child to me and 11 yrs is a long time to have you by my side day by day to wake and have you never around again..

You were the smartest dog I've ever had and because of your handicap I can't get another.. No one will ever take your place in my heart.. I miss your love, I miss you following me all over, I'm sorry I didn't play with you that much before you left me but Mommy was sick and while I was sick you understood and slept longer for me, my precious angel.

Sleep well baby girl one day I'll be with you again I hope it's soon cos without you I have nothing. All my love to Pebbles,


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