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'Barbara & Pebbles'

I Love U Pebbles

Feb 2, 2011

by Barbara Davis
(St Cloud, Fl)

Hi Baby girl.

My internet was off for a while and I missed writing to you, I felt I was neglecting you.. I miss you SO MUCH Pebbs, My heart aches so bad.. Soon it will 2 months without you but it seems like yesterday that I lost you.. Baby Girl I'm lost without you, I try to think of how happy you are running on all four legs now. I can't wait to see you again my precious angel.. When we can play frisbie again, T Bone knows right where you are in the yard. I'll tell T Bone let's go find Pebbles and he runs to your grave and trys to dig you out!! We all miss you baby girl.. See you one day in heaven, all my love and kisses to you sweet baby girl,


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