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I Love U Pebbles

July 1, 2011

by Barb
(St Cloud Fl)

Hi my little angel,

It's been a while since I wrote to you. My life has crumbled Pebbles.. I lost our home and had to leave you behind.. How I wish you were still with me baby girl. No matter where I go you will always be with me, in my heart and in my soul..

Since May my life has crumbled, how I wish I had you to lay next to and cry on, you always knew when mommy was upset. You always comforted me my sweet baby girl.. I can't wait to be with you again Pebbs, my heart still aches for your company.

I miss you so much, my life will never be the same without you Pebbs.. Mommy loves you baby girl and I always will.. Till we are together again Pebbles, know that my heart aches for you and you will always have my heart.

Sweet Dreams baby girl,

Love you,


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