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Loving U Pebbles

Feb 28, 2011

by Barbara Davis
(St Cloud, Fl)

To my dearest Pebbles,

Hi baby girl.. I still miss you soooo much.. I'm flying to Texas March 3rd to visit Huey.. I will be back home to you on the 9th.. I'll miss going to your grave daily. Just know that my heart will still be here with you..

Almost 3 months have gone by now but it seems like yesterday I lost you.. I hope you're having fun in heaven playing with all the other dogs.. I carry your pic in my wallet baby girl I just cant wait to be with you again.

I'm sure by now you found Grandma and Patti and I know they are taking care of you.. You will always be my special baby.. I know you didn't like TBone but just remember TBone is David's dog not mine.. You will be my last dog.. I can't go through this again losing another loved one..

I love you baby girl with all my love to you,


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