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'Barbara & Pebbles'

Miss U So Much

Aug 20, 2011

by Barbara Davis
(St cloud, Fl)

Hi my dearest Pebbs.

I've been thinking of you so much lately.. I miss you so much, I tell everyone how smart you were.. I wish you wasn't taken from me so soon.. I need you so much baby girl, I need to hug you, kiss you, lay on you and tell you all my problems..

When you were alive you were my best friend, my companion.. I could tell you everything and it seemed like you understood me well.. I miss the way you looked at me, I miss your kisses and your comfort.. There isn't a soul on this earth I can turn to like I turned to you Sweet Pebbs..

Sometimes I think I hear you bark, I only hope it is you giving me a sign that you're still with me in spirit... I must go now Pebbs before the tears start to flow never ending.. I love you and miss you baby girl.

All My Love to you


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