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'Barbara & Pebbles'

Missing You Baby Girl

Jan 16, 2011

by Barbara
(St Cloud, Fl)

Dear Pebbles,

It's been 5 weeks without you now and I miss you so much, everyone misses you. Even those who you bullied! I still can't get over you not being here I keep calling TBone, Pebbles.. TBone sleeps in the spot where you slept. I think he trys to comfort me.. He misses you too.

I wrote Huey a letter and the chaplain wouldn't give it to him till they prayed for me.. My house is dark you know I loved the sunlight. I don't leave the house.. I need to get up and do something but everything reminds me of you.. I miss you baby girl and there's never a moment that goes by that you're not on my mind.

I can't even eat cos I don't have you to share my food with.. I can't wait to be with you again cos like I said b4 without you I HAVE NOTHING.

Love you always,


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