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Daddy Removed the Baby Gates

Feb 8, 2011

by Bette Huntemann
(Olney, Maryland)


Today when I got home from work after Daddy had picked me up, I didn't notice until I came back downstairs after changing my clothes, that Daddy was cleaning today and finally removed the baby gates that we had up that went into our living room.

Of course you were not allowed in that room because we had white carpet and white furniture.

When I looked into the living room with no baby gate up, I just started crying. It has been up since the day we brought you home. I didn't think that seeing the baby gate down would make me so sad but it really did.

Daddy said that he didn't mean to upset me but that it was time for them to come down. I told him I was okay but really I went upstairs and cried. I miss you so much sometimes that it just hurts so much.

I hope that you are running free and playing and having so much fun.

But always remember I look up into the sky sometimes and blow you a kiss and I hope that you get it.

I love you and miss you my sweet "Ellie Mae".

All my love always


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