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It's Fall Your Favorite Time of Year

Nov 4, 2011

by Bette

My sweet Ellie:

It's that time of year that you loved. You would go outside and lay in your spot in the yard in the sun and the perfect place to see everything going on around you. Then after the sun passed over the back yard you would move to your spot on the deck and fall asleep.

Daddy has been grilling a lot lately, and since you were his grilling buddy, he misses you so much as well. But your brother has taken over a little of your sitting next to the grill waiting for just a little taste.

Ellie I miss you so much and I think about you everyday. Wesley got engaged, and when he brought his fiance over to the house he had to go to the mantel of the fireplace and show her that Jedi, Trooper, and of course our Ellie Mae. He told her all kinds of funny stories about the three of you.

I look at your picture and it seems like yesterday that you were still here with us.

I hope you are running free, and feeling no pain. I hope that you were able to find Pop-pop, and Aunt Sherre, you loved her.

Ellie Mae, I miss you and love you still to this day and think about you everyday, and wish I could kiss your nose!!!

I love you,


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