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'Bette & Ellie Mae'

The Day We Had to Let You Go!

Jan 19, 2011

by Bette Huntemann
(Olney, Maryland)

My Ellie girl wasn't feeling well Monday night she threw up 1 time. Then she threw up 2 times on Tuesday. My son Sean gave her rice for dinner. Ellie wasn't acting herself, she wasn't as playful, didn't meet us at the door with her stuffed baby. Thursday night I stayed up with her all night. She couldn't seem to get comfortable and wanted to go outside a lot. I would let her out and she would just stand in the middle of the yard.

My husband said for me to take her to the vet on Friday. I got her leash and she wasn't even excited she always loved to go for walks or rides in the car. I had to pick her up and put her in my truck, then again at the Vet the same thing. She wouldn't even walk into the Vet (which she loved she always thought everyone loved her and would go right up to the desk, everyone always gave her cluckers treats when she came in to the vet.)

But this time My vet said her Miss Ellie was really sick. Thinks besides liver failure she would have to have surgery which she didn't believe she would survive. She was already in too much pain, so I called my husband and he spoke with our vet, and my two son's came up to the vet to say goodbye. My husband crying on the phone telling me to kiss her and tell her that he loves her and sorry he is not there with her.

Wow what a mess he was. He went into my office at work and took her picture off my desk and went to his truck to get himself together. I know how hard it was for me and I was with her, but he didn't get a chance to say goodbye!

Ellie I miss you and I have washed your stuffed baby and have been holding it all day. Your leash and collar are on the mantel for now. Our other dog Codie (sheltie) keeps going to your bed and laying down. I think he knows you crossed the Rainbow Bridge, and misses playing with you. I couldn't stand to see you in pain and the vet said you were so sick and that this came out of no where. No one knew you were so sick. For this I am so sorry, but I hope you will forgive me now that you are no longer in pain.

I miss you Ellie girl, and will write more later but the pain is too great, I'm crying and Codie doesn't like it when I cry it scares him. Be good girl and I will write tommorrow.

Love forever, xoxo

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