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Today Has Been 1 Year Since We Had To Say Goodbye

Jan 14, 2012

by Bette Huntemann
(Olney, Maryland)

Ellie Mae:

I can hardly believe that it has been a year today that we had to say goodbye to you. That day is so vivid in my mind still. Sometimes just going about the day something will make me think of you and remember how much I miss you.

Daddy and I still talk about you all the time, Christmas this year was not the same without you. Codie went into the living room (which we had baby gates before) and got his one present and opened it, left the evidence behind, so I had to wrap some more treats, which Daddy caught him trying to get those too.

We all missed you being in the middle of all the wrapping paper and remembering how much you loved to open your present. I hope that you are running around and having fun and playing and you are not in any pain, because someday we will see each other again. I don't know when, but when we do, I want to feel your wet nose on my face, and see your curly tail wagging.

Just because it has been a while since I have written does not mean that I don't miss you or love you still today. I look at your box on the mantel and sometimes it is so hard to believe that you are really gone.

I love you and miss you my sweet Ellie girl!!!!!!!!

All my love,


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