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You are Finally Home 'Ellie Mae'

Jan 26, 2011

by Bette Huntemann
(Olney, MD)

This morning daddy got up and said he wanted to go to Town & Country Vet to finally bring you home. I got up to go with him and he said he could do it, I wasn't going to not pick you up with my own two hands.

When we got to the Vet's office, there was a woman standing there with the back of her truck open and her dog laying on a blanket, she was sobbing. The technician said she would need some help because the dog was so big. The woman replied my husband will be here in 2 seconds. My heart went out to them, as I knew what they were getting ready to go thru, and I just wanted to go up to the woman and give her a hug. They whisked the dog into the back.

The other technician asked if we could wait, and I replied "Please take your time, I totally understand what they are going thru".

After about 10 minutes the technician came out and asked if she could help us. Daddy said to her we are here to take out "Ellie girl" home. She went to retrieve a beautiful bag and handed you to me. I told her thank you and she replied I am so sorry for your loss.

Before we left the Vet's office, I could hear the woman just crying and crying and my heart was breaking for her being that we had just gone thru this a week ago.

When we got home, Codie our little sheltie was all over me, he wanted to smell everything. Daddy put your collar on the floor and Codie ran away. I took your beautiful box that had a picture of you in the front and put it on the floor. I asked Codie if he wanted to see Ellie, he wagged his tail and sniffed the box and turned around.

Along with your box came a guarding angel dog pin, which I immediately put on my shirt, and I still have it on. One of my good friends at work, I showed it to her, and she gave me a hug and kissed the pin, and said you're finally home with your mommy and daddy, run free and be happy. I cried because I still miss you so much that it hurts. But I think I can start to have some closure now that I know that you are in the house. I took your stuffed baby duck and put it on my nightstand next to my bed so that I can look at it before I fall asleep.

Be happy "Ellie Mae" and please look over us and guide us if we should need it. I love you and miss you everyday. Daddy really misses you too. We both hope you are happy and healthy again.

All my love,


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