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It's One Week''

May 23, 2011

by Bharti
(Mason, Ohio, USA)

It's been 1 week baby... how are you doing? You have never been away from your home, & family for this long. You are missed terribly at every moment. Our bed looks so empty now without you lying in between two of us. You would always lie adjacent to my legs, in such a way that I don't stretch my legs... naughty kiddo. Love you.. love you.. love you...

Do you know, I am going to wear you on my wrist now.. your beautiful face in my locket bracelet.. so that my tiny lil daughter can always be close to me.

Tell your sister not to cry so much... tell her you'll be with her ever and ever in her heart and in her thoughts.

You still listen only to your papa, isn't it? Whenever he says, it's gloomy baby, give us some sunshine... instantly, sun peeps out piercing the cloud. Good girl!!!

You are enjoying the Rainbow Bridge. Playing all day along.. with new friends. Don't eat all nonsense.. and say a big NO to toys, whenever you are tempted to eat one. This habit of yours has taken you away from us beta... please don't eat soft toys.

Take care jaan..

Your Mumma

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