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Love You Forever.....

May 24, 2011

by Bharti
(Mason, Ohio, USA)

Innocent Velvu

Innocent Velvu

I love you Velvu....

Did you read the letter I wrote for you. It's only for you, me and your family. Others generally don't understand our current plight of losing a darling like you. When they say something insensitive, it's hurting... so I removed the letter from your wall on FB. You are my baby and I miss you like hell... why should others know about my situation.

Baby.. give me some indication that you will meet me on the Rainbow Bridge whenever I come. I haven't had enough of you... I want to kiss you, love you, hug you, caress you.... my loving child. You are the best child anybody can ask for. Thanks for chosing our home to spend that short time.

I love you Velvu.

Lots of kisses and loads of hugs..

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