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'Catherine & Sox'

Nearly Three Weeks On

July 13, 2011

by Catherine Charlton
(Cardiff , UK)

It's nearly three weeks since I lost Sox and while the pain is not so raw, I still miss him terribly. I can talk about him sometimes to family and friends and reminisce about some of the things he did, but occasionally when I do this I feel a real pang afterwards.

When the window is open sometimes, I sometimes expect to see his face and paws appear there before climbing in. He was avery vocal cat and I miss him waking me in the morning and patting my face with his paw if I pretended to still be asleep.

The other pets appeared to miss him too initially, especially the dog. He ran upstairs at one point and was sniffing everywhere and looking in the places where he had been lying. They had always had a relationship like two bickering toddlers and the dog would sometimes get jealous if Sox was being given a fuss , but when Sox was lying on the floor a lot, tired due to his illness, the dog kept going to him and trying to wash him - although Sox did not always appreciate it!

I looked at adverts for kittens looking for homes a few days ago , but feel guilty about it now. Also, I kept being drawn to the ones that looked similar to Sox, so I guess I need some more time before I consider giving another kitten a home.

I have started a Sox photo book. I can look at the pictures of him when he was a kitten and feel ok, but still find the very recent photos hard. I took some photos when he was sat out on the picnic bench with me in the garden during his last couple of weeks and looking at these makes me feel so very sad.

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