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One Month Anniversary Today

Jul 21, 2010

by Cathy
(Ontario, Canada)

Just realized it has been a month since Muffin left us.

Still can't believe it. I miss her very much. Our house seems strange without her loud meows for no reason. Her and Dutchess snuggling and licking each other. Her sitting on the "5th" step usually every morning to see me off to work. Just to see her with Bart and Dutchess. Not having the "three of them". I keep hoping she will "show up" but of course that is not going to happen. I know she is out of pain where she is and I would not have put her through that because I loved her too much.

I find the weekends the hardest because I work Monday to Friday and my mind is busy. It is hard for me to sit outside looking at the spot in the sun she loved to sit in. I can still see her there, stretched out enjoying the sun's rays.

Most days I try to keep busy and not think of her because when I do it is "downhill from there". That is what happened last Saturday. I cried for a while and Bart was sitting on my lamp looking at me crying and wondering what was wrong. I told him and maybe he understands. I hope so.

I am glad I still have him and Dutchess to love.

(I wondered why I was feeling crummy today and now I know. It was not until I started this journal that I realized the date.)

I miss you so much "Muffi" and I will always hold you close in my heart and memories. Thank you for all the unconditional love and affection you gave me for 15 wonderful years.

Love always and rest in peace my "furry gift from God".

"Mommy" xx00

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