Your Pet Loss Diaries

'Chris & Silverbelle'

3 Weeks

16 Oct, 09

by Chris R
(Alexandria, VA)

Well it has been three weeks since my little girl has been gone. During this past week, my husband swears he has heard her meow, and felt her brush up against him a couple of times. Her favorite room in our house, was our second bedroom that is where we feel her the most. The other cats still miss her. The saddest thing is her buddy Silvia-Rose mimics her behavior especially when my husband carrys her. Silvia Rose is a big cat. Silverbelle loved to be carried and she would lay limp in your arms sort of like a Rag Doll Cat would do.

We are no longer greeted at the door the other cats do not go down at all. I guess they still feel fear. We took our youngest cat Santino to get his nails clipped and he howled so much. Before I took him I got rid of the blanket that was in our pet carrier so that he would not smell her scent. It is rainy outside and every Friday has been like that since she is gone. Again, we feel sadness and sometimes I call her name out thinking I might hear her.

Sometimes my youngest cat who is a male looks like Silverbelle a bit. Him and Silverbelle were the ones that were always vying for my attention. Yesterday, I called her name and there was Santino on a table I thought for a moment it was my little girl. I was a bit freaked out for a moment but it was not her. It will never be her. She is gone and I still beat myself up over her loss.

I know that I still write about her on my facebook page. People are understanding to a point but I do get support from my husband we often feel that she was a gift from God. There were times, when I would think where is she and there she would appear. I know she is an angel and still around but only again I wish sincerely a moment in time to hold her to have that time back to look into her eyes. I love her so much and miss my little girl. My baby belle.

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