Your Pet Loss Diaries

'Chris & Silverbelle'

Feb 1, 2010

by Chris R
(Alexandria, VA)

It's been five months and there is not a day or a moment that goes by that I do not think of my little girl. My husband says that now that she has died I have become more angry. When she was alive and I felt angry I looked at her and all of my anger would melt away. I still feel loss and I still feel as though my world is cold and empty.

My little girl had a way about her that would make everyone see her fall in love. She was a happy go lucky baby. I know I always say it but I wish for a moment in time to have my little one back with me again.. You see she was the one good thing that gave me meaning in my life and it is no longer there. You see my little girl is simply gone and so is my world...

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