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'Chris & Silverbelle'

My First Christmas Without You...

Dec 24-25, 2009

by Chris R
(Alexandria, VA)

My baby belle,

I did not put up a tree this year. I have been depressed because you are not here to enjoy this Christmas with your family. You do not know how much your family misses you. I cry because to me this is just another day. Everything is dark because the light has went out. I cry all the time because I wish God did not have to take you away from me so soon.

I tell your Daddy how I have nothing. You were and are my everything. Sweetheart we love you and I will wish that you were here with us. My little girl this has no meaning without you in it... We love you and wish you were here. I always wish for what I know I can never have until the day I die and that is to hold you again...

Love your Momma

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