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'Chris & Silverbelle'

One Month Since You Left My Life

24 Oct 09

by Chris R
(Alexandria, VA)

It has been a month since my little girl was taken away from me. During that time, I have cried and grieved for the love of my life. Her other cat-buddies still miss her but time marches on for us all.

I went to dinner the other night and started looking at photos of her and lost it. Left the restaurant utterly devastated I will never get over the loss of her. I miss her so much her not being there to greet me at the door or walk me to the door as I go to work or when I am upset she is not there lying on top of me wanting comfort, or her wanting me to sing her favorite song Silver Bell to her. Christmas will be hard for us because this was her favorite time of the year. She loved the lights and playing with catnip and the wrapping paper.

My joy for life is gone I truly feel that. I feel no anger at her being taken away because God truly does things for a reason but all I know is that I say this everytime that if I was truly granted a wish it would be to have her back with me or to hold her one more time to tell her that I love her and that I miss my baby belle.

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