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'Christine & Mitzy'

Final Day

Dec 20, 2011

by Christine

Mitzy - I will love you forever my princess

Mitzy - I will love you forever my princess

Today I came home to my father telling me that he felt I should not accompany him to the vet. I was confused and hurt. I guess he was trying to protect me, so hopefully I will come to terms with it later. So I got Mitzy some sandwiches from McDonalds for her last meal and sat on the floor with her.

Petting her, as I was crying, I saw that the dog I had grown up with had lost the sparkle in her eyes. She could tell that I was upset, but I knew that her pain was overriding her ability to comfort me. I could have sat there with her forever, I was trying to put off the inevitable. But, eventually, my father said it was time to go. And I was left in my house, all alone.

Today my youngest sister came home from school and asked where Mitzy was. My parents and I just looked at each other, no one could bring themselves to tell her. My dad finally said that she was in the backyard, and she said that she couldn't see her. My heart was breaking.

The rest of the night has been filled with attempts to keep a normal schedule, but I can't fight the urge to burst out crying. I keep expecting to hear her walking around or coming down the stairs or panting or asking to be pet. I even dropped some food expecting her to come and clean it up immediately, and was distraught when I remembered...

Right now, I just can't believe she's really gone...

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