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'Connie & Old Man Jack'

I Still Miss You

Feb 13, 2013

by Connie Boling
(Reynolds Station, Kentucky)

It's been almost 4 weeks now since you passed. The days go by slowly. I started cutting fire wood and I'm always looking to see where you're laying. I got a new dog he looks just like you. Everyone that sees him swears it's you. The familiar face is nice to see in my rear view mirror while I'm driving, but that face isn't healing my pain.

I was cleaning out the bedroom today and found some pictures of you... total break down. Everyday is still tears I think of you all the time. You're still in the urn in my back seat, I just don't want to go anywhere without you and I know that you loved riding in the back seat of my truck. Everything that was yours is still where you left it. I'm not gonna move it.

I love you. I will always love you, you're still my best friend.

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