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'Connie & Old Man Jack'

It's A Never Ending Pain

Aug 10, 2013

by Connie Boling
(Reynolds Station, Kentucky)

It still hurts like you left just yesterday. I still cry everyday. I think about you all the time, everything I do I think about where you would be laying or what you would be doing. I bought a peanut butter shake last week and I thought of you. The girl at the Dairy Queen tried to give me a cup for you to eat your part of the shake out of. My eyes started to fill with tears and I just looked at her and shook my head no.

I miss you so much still. I talked to a man who lost his best friend 11 yrs ago and he still cries over her. He feels like I do. Like the pain will never end. It's been 7 months since you left and my life and my emotions are still a mess. My birthday was Monday, I thought of you all day. Bryan threw a huge party for me and it just didn't feel right trying to have fun without you. Joey cooked Boston butts and brought 3 bones to me and I instantly thought of you. The bones have always been yours.

I miss you so very much. Everything I do I miss you, everywhere I go I miss you. I miss you in my sleep. I love you. I'm still in love with you. I will always be in love with you. You were and still are my everything.

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