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'Dayle & Oliver'

Jan 22, 2012

by Dayle

My Angel

My Angel

Hi sweetheart..

It snowed so hard yesterday. It was the first real snow since October, when we got that big blizzard. Who ever would think there would be a foot and a half of snow in October? I thought of you Ollie, when I opened the curtains on the bay window to watch the snow falling... how you and I would sit together and just watch it. It was so peaceful... just you and me...snuggled together.

I loved being with you and you with me. I would take you to the back deck and you loved the snow. You were so cute, you didn't want to come back in. Sometimes I would be afraid you'd fall into it and I wouldn't find you, because you were little and white, like the snow. Sometimes we'd put on your little coat and go out for a ride. You loved that too.... getting on your little jackets, you were my handsome boy.

Baby... I miss those times. It would have been so perfect yesterday if only you were here. Everything reminds me of you. You were a huge part of my life and it is so hard now being happy without you. The puppies, they were snuggled up together and I thought to myself how good you always were when another dog would visit. You would even share your toys. You loved company so much... you wouldn't let anyone out the door!!!

You were such a good boy... I only hope you knew how much you were truly loved here and you are still loved... more than I could ever tell you. I want to try to paint your picture, the one I took last year where you just looked like an angel. That picture made me cry, because you truly did look like you had come straight from heaven and I knew right then and there, for some reason unknown to me still, that you would not be here with me forever. I have no idea why I thought that, but that picture was ethereal. I cry still, everytime I look at it, but it caught the essence of you. You truly are my perfect angel.

Please baby boy... I am still waiting, for a sign from you, that you hear me, that you know that all I want is to know you are alright. Please baby...please...give me a sign. I love you Ollie and I see every day that goes by as one day closer to seeing you again...

Wait for me....

Love you always....


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