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'Dayle & Oliver'

Sept 7, 2012

by Dayle

Again today sweetheart... thinking about last year... when we were still together. It had been your birthday on Sept 6th. You had a horrible day. You had gotten home on Monday.. the 5th. You wouldn't eat... you vomited water.. .you were so hoarse. My boy... I was so scared for you. You had gone poop... and it was full of blood. I had taken it to the vet when we went... but he said nothing. I was so upset you had to go to the vet on your birthday... and that you couldn't even have your own steak... for your birthday... as you had for years. But you had steak all the time... but on your birthday... I'd do a nice big special one just for you. But baby.. I thought... well.. maybe we can't today... but when you were feeling better... I'd make it for you.

But on the 7th... you weren't any better. You seemed restless... like you couldn't get comfortable. I just wanted you to sleep. I stayed by your side... every waking moment... because when I tried to leave.. you'd pick up your head... looking for me. I remember thinking that if I could get your mind off of whatever was bothering you... maybe you'd feel better.

Everyday... we would go for a little ride in the car. You just started actually enjoying car rides only in the last 6-7 months. Before that... I think you just thought you were going to the doctor... and you would pant like crazy in the car. So.. we didn't take you a lot... but enough. You finally came around... and started sticking your little nose out of the window. I can see your little face now... smiling... while the wind blew your beautiful white fur.

Once in a while... we'd go to Carvel... and you'd eat most of mine. Daddy would get mad... saying it was for me... but I'd always share with my little buddy. I couldn't eat in front of you. And you would never ever beg... or try to get food. You'd peek... out of the corner of yor eye... hoping for some. It was the cutest thing I'd ever seen. I had wanted to take you for ice cream too... on your birthday. You didn't get to have much ice cream. That was a special treat. If I had only known baby... I'd have let you have anything and everything you wanted... whenever you wanted it.... if I had known that your life would end so soon.

We went for a little ride that day... but when we got home... you just laid on the couch. I tried boiling some chicken for you... but you wouldn't touch it. I tried giving you the leftover steak... but nope... you weren't interested in eating. I brought your water over to the couch... but you wouldn't drink it. Baby... I told you... Ollie has to eat... or Ollie will die. Baby... I was crying inside. I didn't know what to do. The vet had given you a shot of prednisone... hoping it would stimulate your appetite... but it didn't help. And so... we just stayed there together... I was afraid to leave your side....

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